World Environment Day 2022

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World Environment Day 2022

5th June 2022 theme is Only One Earth.
Introducing the UN Decade for reviving and protecting our ecosystems.


A United Nations Day and vital platform for action every year since 1974
encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment

Over 50 artists across 10 countries participated in

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World Environment Day 2022

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Listed East to West – Following the Sun

Opening Remarks: 1st World Day of Prayer for Peace 1986 and Assisi Declarations

Webinar Komunitas Cinta Budaya

Menyambut Hari Lingkungan Hidup Sedunia 2022

KCB Channel curated by Toni Junus

Bedulu, Bali, Indonesia

Offering by Diane Butler of Dharma Nature Time

Part 1
Part 2 (Q and A)

Kidung Bibi II

Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia

Offering by Agus Bima Prayitna of Teatr Mantra Gerak

Living Together with Rivers

The arts presented in the event were not only ideas sourced from rivers and nature but also shot and watched only for rivers, for fish, for land, and for trees. In addition to being filled with artworks, the event also held a river cleanup.

Way Tulang Nago River, Uluan Nughik, West Tulang BawangIndonesia

Offering by Sekolah Seni Tubaba

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2022 IN TUBABA: Living Together with the River

Through the river, the people of Tubaba met and exchanged with the outside world such as spice transactions with European traders, Southeast Asia and envoys of kings in the archipelago in the early days of history. The river route is not only the place where the old villages/ tiyuh toho were built, fishing, irrigating agricultural land. But from the river water also humans exist, we also know Putri Sejunjung in Malay society who was created from the foam of water. Similarly, the word Lampung means something that floats on water. In the daily spiritual practice of Lampung people, there is also the tradition of blangeran or blangkihan, a ritual of bathing together in the river before entering the Ramadan fast to cleanse everything attached to the body from the sensory such as the forehead to the supernatural.

Nature and rivers for the people of Tubaba then develop into teachers, a place to learn and live together as Lampung proverbs: dikedo biduk disan biduk tenimbo / where the earth is trodden there the sky is reached. As well as being a friend to live together into the future as reflected in the philosophy of life, namely: nemen, nedes, nerimo, simple, equal and sustainable. Ultimately, rivers in Tubaba are not just geographical, but also involve life practices, mindsets, culture, and spirituality.

Seeing the presence and meaningfulness of rivers in the lives of Lampung people. The river was chosen as the place and point of reflection for World Environment Day 2022 in Tubaba. "Living Together with the River" was chosen as the theme of the event, to greet, see, position, and rewrite the history and existence of rivers in life through art. 

The event took place at Way Tulang Nago/ Nughik River, Ulluan Nughik Cultural City, West Tulang Bawang Regency, May 31 and June 5 2022 at 13:00-complete. 


Lewat sungai, masyarakat Tubaba bertemu dan bertukar dengan dunia luar seperti transaksi rempah dengan para pedagang Eropa, Asia Tenggara dan utusan raja-raja di nusantara pada masa awal sejarah. Jalur sungai bukan hanya menjadi tempat kampung-kampung tua tiyuh toho dibangun, menjaring ikan, mengaliri lahan pertanian. Tapi dari air sungai itu pula manusia ada, kita pun mengenal Putri Sejunjung dalam masyarakat melayu yang tercipta dari buih air. Begitu pula dengan kata lampung yang memiliki arti sesuatu yang mengapung di atas air. Dalam praktik spiritual sehari-hari masyarakat Lampung, dikenal pula tradisi blangeran atau blangkihan, sebuah ritual mandi bersama di sungai sebelum memasuki puasa ramadhan untuk membersihkan segala yang melekat di badan dari yang terindra seperti dahi hingga yang gaib.

Alam dan sungai bagi masyarakat Tubaba kemudian berkembang jadi guru, jadi tempat belajar dan hidup bersama sebagaimana pribahasa Lampung: dikedo biduk disan biduk tenimbo / dimana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijungjung. Serta menjadi teman untuk hidup bersama ke masa depan seperti tercermin dalam falsafah hidup yaitu: nemen, nedes, nerimo, sederhana, setara dan lestari. 11 sungai di Tubaba pada akhirnya bukan hanya geografis, tapi juga menyangkut laku hidup, pola pikir, budaya, dan spiritualitas.

Melihat kehadiran dan kebermaknaan sungai dalam kehidupan masyarakat Lampung itu lah. Sungai dipilih sebagai tempat dan titik refleksi Hari Lingkungan Hidup Sedunia / World Environment Day 2022 di Tubaba. “Hidup bersama Sungai” dipilih sebagai tema acara, untuk menyapa, melihat, memposisikan, dan menuliskan kembali sejarah dan keberadaan sungai dalam kehidupan lewat seni. 

Seni-seni yang dihadirkan dalam acara tersebut bukan hanya gagasannya saja yang bersumber dari sungai dan alam tapi juga dipersembakan dan ditonton hanya untuk sungai, untuk ikan, untuk tanah, dan untuk pohon-pohon. Selain diisi dengan karya seni, dalam acara tersebut juga diadakan bersih-bersih sungai.

Acara berlangsung di Sungai Way Tulang Nago, Kota Budaya Ulluan Nughik, Kabupaten Tulang Bawang Barat, 31 Mei dan 5 Juni 2022 Pukul 13:00-selesai. 

Blessings to the New Life

Contemplative movement and voice in nature, area Vouliagmeni near Athens

Athens, Greece

Offering by Christina Klissiouni, Maria Kapouralou and Yiannis Dokos

Untermüllheim / Lower Litter Laire

Berlin, Germany

Offering by Bettina Mainz


Tuscany, Italy

Offering by Franca Fubini

To Be One Earth Again

The art of Caring for Life is to help meet the needs of all living things on this planet. In balance, respecting its diversity and its existence.

Like any art, this is not easy: you have to live, to learn, you have to learn to be aware of it, you need awareness to be able to live in symbiosis with life. And the cycle begins again.

Children are the future, young people are the present, we are the humus for the new generations.

Only the natural sacrifice of our selfishness has given us the power to re-enter the Great Family, to be One Earth.

Mas Jalech, Fundacio Fent Vida, Barcelona, Spain 

Offering by Montse Marti Gasch and Sebastia Marti Gasch

World Environment Day Offering

The Netherlands

Offering by Lily Kiara

Flowering in the Garden

London, UK

Offering by Harriet Proudfoot

World Environment Day Offering

London, UK

Offering by the Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman

The Breathing of River

Movement offering in the breathing of river’s meeting with earth, the breath of wind, the cradle of sky, the windows of time and the flow of life.

Finding the window for pause.

Oxford, UK

Offering by Helen Edwards

Sharing Movement on World Environment Day

Sharing Movement friends on World Environment Day in the old lead-mine workings near St Hugh’s Chapel.

Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK

Offering by St Hugh’s Group

Patty’s Plum

Charmouth, Dorset, UK

Offering by Andrew Carey

The Self-Seeding Acorn

Totnes to Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Offering by Daniela Coronelli and Roy Whenary

Windows of Time in Nature and Human Space

There is much more than Cronos: when we inhabit those human/nature instants where timelessness occurs and windows of awareness open….. both, in sitting meditation and body movement.

Human time and planet time find each other in the same space of growth and purification, here and now – human can recognize the sacredness and vastness and make offerings: inner and outer honoring taking place. Clarifying intention and attitude – first indoors with windows opened to the mountains, then out in the natural environment under the sky.

Being grateful to the planet earth we live in, its mountains, waters, great guardian trees and all beings…. we humbly learn with our movement-being how to make offerings and surrender thinking and ulterior motives. So we are able to express our gratitude and appreciation with deep hearts – we yearn to be and feel beyond time in nature’s sacred presence and embrace….

Amatlan, Morelos, Mexico

Offering by Geo Legorreta and friends (Pilar, Sarya, Jose, Vanesa, Deci, Marisa, Rafael and Maritz)

Honouring Place, Time, the Ancestors and Descendants of all Living Beings

Mexico City, Mexico

Offering by Therese O’Driscoll

World Environment Day Movement Practice

Movement practice on the banks of the Yampa River

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Offering by Connor Chill

Dry Earth Flowering/ Its Raining in California Today

dry earth flowering blooming resilience…. dancing later, for now, breathing, getting wet

its raining in California, amazingly for today, beloved 🌍 earth

Berkeley, California, USA

Offering by Margit Galanter

Let’s look after our world together

Web Art Garden Facilitators

Helen Edwards and Keith Miller


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