World Environment Day 2020

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World Environment Day 2020

5th June 2020 theme is Biodiversity
Learn how all living things on Earth are connected in the web of life
and how we can act


A United Nations Day and vital platform for action every year since 1974
encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment

Over 100 artists across 50 countries participated in

Web Art Garden

World Environment Day 2020

Web Art Garden Parallel Events Worldwide

Listed East to West – Following the Sun

Where Freshwater meets Saltwater

We offer our deepest respect and acknowledgement to First Nations People and Traditional Custodians, to Elders Past, Present and Future, for their care of the land, the waters, the wildlife and the culture of this country.

Maarall gundi julu gurray yarrang jagi’

‘Every part of the Earth is sacred’

(Translation from the Gumbaynggirr Language)

And so we gathered

8 playful children of the earth tribe

To witness the dawning of this special day

This place of extraordinary energy, flux, beauty and diversity

Feet in the sand, sun in our faces, gratitude in our hearts

Joyful bodies – slowly immersing – finding themselves – meeting each other

Enriched, Connected, Whole and Happy Dancing – Celebrating – Breathing

This Sacred Land

South Vala Beach, Nambucca Valley, New South Wales, Gumbaynggirr Homeland, Australia

Offering by Leonie and Graeme Northfield and Friends Nancy, Kim, Carla, Caitlin, Viviane, Ronja

Photography: Nancy Sposato and Leonie Northfield

Comments from Participants:

It was so special to be in organic ceremony through Mother Earth with actual human beings as well. What a profound and simple way to commune. 

Ronja O. Moss

‘Maarall gundi julu gurray yarrang jagi’ – ‘Every part of the Earth is sacred’  How sacred to spend a special World Environment Day with beautiful wild earth people. 


Noticing my response internally to the chaos of the waters meeting, the breath of the water, inhaling exhaling, receding, spinning, whirling, connecting, witnessing. 


Feet on the sand, let me simply walk here.

One foot in front of the other.

Lapping waves you almost got me.


Blue sky, white sand, green hills.

Cool breeze, art in the sand,

River meets sea, sun in space,

Feet on earth, Haaaa.


Just having moved to the area and finding like-minded people who feel deeply connected to nature and spirit.  Moving together in nature has just been incredibly beautiful.


World Environment Day

Sydney, Australia

Offering by Margarita Playoust and Friends

Being with Plants and Animals

Melbourne, Australia

Offering by Helen Williams

Jagad – Universe

The Universe is a depiction of bodily expressions of the small universe inside the body and the big universe outside the body – jagad kecil (micro-cosmos) and jagad besar (macro-cosmos). Both can be one integrated body – nyawiji – body inside bodies. 

The elements of earth, water, fire, wind and what is possessed by the body as human nature, and the five elements in the human body that are also found in the body of the universe, are a reflection of luck as well as disaster.  Luck for those who are alert (always remember and be careful). Disaster for those who forget it (lali).

Tokyo, Japan

Offering by Rianto from Banyumas, Java, Indonesia

Movement Prayer for Healthy Human-Nature Relations

Yeonggwang-gun, South Korea

Offering by So-Young Kim, Kyomu Sister

Sikatu – In Harmony with Nature

Sikatutui in Makassarese means ‘in harmony with the nature’. For this offering by Batara Gowa Institute of Arts and Culture in the Kampung Seni Baruga Kaluarrang, Daeng Basri B Sila played traditional Makassar musical instruments, each of which represents natural elements like the wind, ocean waves and flowing rivers. Andi Redo displayed an installation of a traditional loom with Cura’ La’ba sarong cloth. Cura’ La’ba is a classic pattern for Makassar silk that depicts rivers and rice fields as symbols that the natural environment is the source of life.

Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Offering by Daeng Basri B Sila and Andi Redo of Yayasan Kesenian Batara Gowa

Reweaving Inextricable Links

Remembering the ‘inextricable link’ between biological and cultural diversity – now termed biocultural diversity – inspired the theme of Re-Weaving Inextricable Links. Practicing movement mudra in dialogue with a plant or tree in the garden of where each person was sheltering-in-place. Then, holding a camera in one hand as an ‘eye’ and taking one spontaneous photo of their other hand or feet with the idea of nature as the foreground. The resulting photo collage hopefully gives a sense of our sharing in caring for biocultural diversity.

Bedulu, Bali, Indonesia

Offering by Diane Butler and Friends of Dharma Nature Time

Purnati Indonesia Cares for the Rainforest -The Last Hornbill

Wildfires and natural disasters have continuously struck Kalimantan, making the situation deadly, devastated and lost.

Although natural disasters often separate people, nature and its cycle of creation and destruction will generate a rebirth.

This can create new life and new hope.

Batuan, Bali & Jakarta, Indonesia

Offering by Restu Kusumaningrum and Friends of Balipurnati

The Sacred Banyan Tree – Universe

The sacred banyan tree in the graveyard, wrapped in black-white cloth, symbolizes balance in life. We Balinese believe that there is a spirit in the tree to protect us from nature’s destruction, therefore we do offerings every day (as shown in the picture) or bigger offerings on auspicious days.

Kerambitan, Bali, Indonesia

Offering by Ni Wayan Ariati

World Environment Day

Batuagung, Bali, Indonesia

Offering by Ibed Surgana Yuga of Umah Solah

Asri Organik

This art offering on the occasion of 5 June World Environment Day was made from natural colouring derived from plants and flowers in the garden of Asri Organik. Our enterprise located In Jombang, East Java, produces and sells both raw and processed organic and healthy products.

Jombang, East Java, Indonesia

Offering by Harmi Fepri Hendarti of Asri Organik

Sedekah Bumi Ritual

Karangpandang, Central Java, Indonesia

Offering by Lyvia Martinez (The Philippines) and Nora Santoso (Indonesia)

World Environment Day

Plesungan, Central Java, Indonesia

Offering by Galih Naga Seno of Taman Hutan Lemah Putih

Alam kecilku, Alam dalemku

Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Offering by Ari Rudenko of Prehistoric Body Theater USA/Indonesia

Mandala Dharma Smara

This hasta brata ritual offering on 5 June World Environment Day was themed ‘Mandala Dharma Smara’, with a sense of a meaningful act of dharma full of sincere loving-kindness for the structures and elements of the universe. I carried it out alone on a small scale on the land of my home, in growing attuned with my individual life journey and the words that the late Suprapto Suryodarmo shared about how I could continue the hasta brata ritual and be a practitioner of it in daily life. From 1997 to the present day, I have tried to embody the eight qualities of hasta brata by implementing and applying them both in ritual laku (ascetic practices) and concrete practices. One way I have done this is by scavenging – looking for or collecting rubbish or used goods – including collecting plant seeds and discarded objects from trash bins or from places where seeds can be found. I then plant these seeds and grow them in pots that I make from the discarded objects. The underlying thought is that the eight elements of hasta brata (earth, water/ocean, fire, air, sun, moon, stars and clouds) for sustaining the preservation of human beings as a part of nature, must be changed into actively doing creative work, so that the ecosystem rotates in its rhythm and pulse. In other words, as a human being, I do not only explore and exploit nature. In this way it is hoped that the jagad gedhe (macro-cosmos) and jagad cilik (micro-cosmos) will mutually reciprocate full of loving-kindness.

Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia

Offering by Agus Bima Prayitna of Teatr Mantra Gerak

My Garden Has a House

‘Growth and rootedness’ was the approach used in this art exploration using an ancient creative process practiced in Java called Tribawana – The Three Worlds. It was inspired by a program involving 17 university students from four countries: Indonesia, South Korea, France and Madagascar. This collaboration was given the theme ‘Reading the Image of the Batik Semen’, which is one of the important ritual batiks used in Yogyakarta. In the image of the Semen batik there are ornaments of the Garuda bird’s wings, the throne of the king, plants, animals of the earth and animals of the air, mountains, the elements, the tree of life and a house. The house shows the individual existing within culture, along with flora and fauna and the elements of nature such as water, fire, earth and air, which represent the universe that gives us life. The Garuda wings and the throne of the king represent the spirit of the creative process that creates life.

The Semen batik shows the importance of the unity of humans, nature and the source of creativity. It is a visual representation of the creative process that was used in creating this art performance and it became the basis for the process of collaborative exploration that was carried out by the group for one month while working directly in contact with nature. The expressive creativity that took place could be felt through the absorption of the respective cultures of the participants. Through this process, everyone collaborated in creating a performing art event with the story, costumes, sounds and videos. The performance piece was titled ‘The Lotus’. It represented a plant that lives in the water (water as a symbol of knowledge), like the creative process that grows upward by looking at the source of culture…nyawiji…to become one (derived from the word ‘seed’)…growing in rootedness.

Babaran Segaragunung Culture House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Offering by Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam Ismoyo

Spirit Semesta

Let us recall again the importance of the environment, nature and the universe for human beings, so that we can achieve balance, not only for human beings but also for all living creatures that God created, so that all are granted the opportunity to grow and develop in the environment.

The month of June is a symbol for humanity to reflect back on their way of life on Earth. Every year poses the same question – ‘What has happened due to human domination over the environment?’ By looking at events in various parts of the earth, we can easily answer that there is a tremendous amount of damage to nature. In fact, if we look at what is happening nowadays amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we can see that harmony between human beings has not yet been achieved. So the value of the United Nations 5 June World Environmental Day is not just as a reminder; rather what is most important is to determine what steps humans can take so that we do not merely take from nature but also give and return to nature, and restore nature’s well-being. More deeply, we can cultivate a positive attitude aimed at reviving and renewing the role of humans on this earth.

Tutup Ngisor, Mount Merapi, Indonesia

Offering by Sitras Anjilin of Padepokan Seni Tjipta Boedaja

With a vision of being able to mediate the synergy between living creatures – humans with humans, and humans with nature – to improve the quality of life for the environment, nature, and the universe, Padepokan Seni Tjipta Boedaja with the people of Dusun Tutup Ngisor on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Central Java, felt called to join in the theme of ‘Spirit of the Universe’. This theme is also infused with prayer to foster enthusiasm for improving the quality of life for the universe and its contents.

The essence of the highest spirit for human beings is the soul, the life-force or spirit called to do something without expecting anything in return. This spirit is also the philosophical basis for the art-making of communities on the slopes of Mount Merapi, while the universe is believed to be pieces of knowledge provided by the Creator for inspiring and then giving meaning to life. Spreading fish eggs, releasing birds, planting trees and concluding with a kenduri thanksgiving ceremony is a form of prayer full of meaning. It is believed that these activities can be a medium of communication, a way to convey messages to the wider environment.

Spirit of the Universe is not just about humans, but aims to encourage the enthusiasm of the world community to re-recognize nature, which has provided so much. The hope is that we can remain on the path of positive activities synergizing with nature, the environment, and the universe.


This offering had a theme of ‘my bamboo’. Bamboo trees have nowadays disappeared from the life of my village. The community is not moved to remember the bamboo trees and does not feel the loss, even though everyone needs the bamboo trees.

Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia

Offering by Wangi Indria of Sanggar Tari Topeng Mulya Bhakti

Kayu Kering

Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

Offering by Elly D Luthan

Re-creating within Space and Time

Recreation literally means ‘to re-create’, with an aim of rejuvenating one’s body and soul. ‘Re-Creating within Space and Time’ is movement that intends for awareness of presence, as well as re-reading myself for awakening or strengthening relations with near space in the vicinity and a certain time. The act of opening oneself is recognizing. Movement practice is a means for connecting with something nearby, everyday – like the kitchen, living room, middle space, front veranda, front yard, back yard and so on – which I believe can grow a new awareness, new ideas and meanings, and a kind of freshness in our lives. Movement is dialogue: sensing, starting from openness and awareness for developing relations with whatever – objects, plants, and living creatures that are all together in everyday space. These intimate surroundings of everyday life are part of nature and the broader environment. More deeply, I believe we can increase our awareness and sensitivity and the quality of our humanity.

Bandar Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

Offering by Alexander Gebe of Komunitas Berkat Yakin

Tubaba: Discovering Solutions from the Future Era

Tabik Pun! Greetings! Hopefully we can all be aware that this Earth is not merely for us and will be occupied by other people in the future era. So I invite us all to pass down a comfort for the next generation by protecting our Earth.

H. Umar Ahmad, S.P.

Uluan Nughik, West Tulang Bawang, Lampung, Indonesia

Offering by Bupati Umar Ahmad & Tubaba Cerdas

Garden Glory

The location for my offering is Lorong Cinta Alam, which means ‘Love the Environment’ Lane. 

Garden Glory

On the grass I am free,

I wish for nothing but the strength to be me.

Thank you.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Offering by Mariana Isa


World Environment Day

Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Offering by Wasif Wan

Forest Mask

Dear friends – just before World Environment Day I participated in a class of Natalya Zhestovskaya of OddDance Theatre, St Petersburg. There was born the Forest Mask. The mask helped me a lot in creating my dance in Web Art Garden and reminded me of Prapto’s Gardening work. Sharing with you my Mask and image of guest who visited my window on 5th of June. There also was a thunderstorm and raining almost all day long, which helped me to start my day with cleaning my place, which I did with deep sense of connection with Nature and pleasure. I also remembered those simple words that Prapto use to say: “more daily life”. Rahayu!

Moscow, Russia

Offering by Ekaterina Gedevani

A Gardenia Speaks

Oh Goddess who so generously bestows the undying balm of the eternal scent,

Wrap us up in the invisible net of ancient silence

That heals the pains

That calms the wounds.

Hold us again in your warm embrace,

Take care of us as before in the orbit of the sun.

With the Golden Apples of Hesperides exorcise the darkness,

With the light of the wells water the crops,

Until your perfume reaches the ends,

Until your embrace can hold the sea,

Until the lost find your way again.

Gardenia spoke so.

Not only now.

Not only to me.

On grandmother’s old lace I sat and I listened.

Being on her level I received her presence.

Mighty and ancient I wrapped myself in it.

How is it that her scent suits the lace so well?

Perhaps back then, there was more time to savour it,

To listen to it, to crochet it, to embroider it.

One question torments me –

How can I ever convey…

Dedicated with love and gratitude to our teacher Prapto who watered the flower of the heart and made our Garden to blossom.

Athens, Greece

Offering by Yolanda Tang

Η γαρδένια μιλούσε (Greek verison Gardenia Speaks)

Ω Θεά που απλόχερα νέμεις

την αθάνατη γεύση της αιώνιας οσμής.

Τύλιξέ μας και πάλι

στο αόρατο δίχτυ της αρχαίας σιωπής.

Που γιατρεύει τους πόνους

Που ηρεμεί τις πληγές

Κράτησέ μας και πάλι

στη ζεστή σου αγκάλη.

Φρόντισέ μας σαν πρώτα

μες του ήλιου τη ρώτα.

Με τα χρυσά μήλα των Εσπερίδων ξόρκισε το σκοτάδι,

Με το φως των πηγαδιών πότισε τα σπαρτά,

Ώσπου το άρωμά σου να φτάσει τα πέρατα.

Ώσπου η αγκαλιά σου να χωρέσει τη θάλασσα.

Ώσπου οι χαμένοι να βρουν πάλι το δρόμο σου.

Η Γαρδένια μιλούσε έτσι.

Όχι μόνο τώρα. Όχι μόνο σε μένα.

Πάνω στην παλιά δαντέλα της γιαγιάς κάθισα και την άκουσα.

Στο ίδιο ύψος μ’ εκείνη τώρα, ένιωσα την ύπαρξή της.

Κραταιά και πανάρχαια.

Τυλίχτηκα σ’ αυτή.

Γιατί άραγε το άρωμά αυτό ταιριάζει τόσο με τη δαντέλα;

Μήπως τότε υπήρχε πιο πολύς χρόνος για να το γευτείς. για να το ακούσεις

για να το κεντήσεις, για να το πλέξεις…

Ένα ερώτημα με βασάνισε,

Πώς να σας το μεταφέρω…

The Song of the Seed – Un Abbraccio Forte a Voi

Everything starts from the seed…

Ostuni, Italy

Offering by Johan Dhaese

The Birch and Woodpecker’s Song

Berlin, Germany

Offering by Bettina Mainz

World Environment Day

Aarhus, Denmark

Offering by Jonas Stampe and Veronica Medin of Hurraura

Juggling with Web, Art and Garden – in sense of moving nature and humour

In the park moving with chestnut, birch and maple and some visitors all around. Later, because of a heavy rain we switched to the café with coffee, punch and cake.

I am standing in a circle of stones, closing my eyes, centering on my own for the next impulse for movement. From far a little boy is approaching on his bike, shouting out loud “I will beat you all, I will beat you all” cruising around and disappears permanently shouting. Thanks for that, boy. I’ve got my impulse for moving.

Wolfgang Maas

Hamburg, Germany

David Chotjewitz, Wolfgang Maas, Gabriele Ansorge and Andreas Leuze, from the Hamburg Wednesday Group

Threading Softly through the City

Vajra dance day;

flowers in the market;

rainbow in the sky;

slow walk in a busy road;

the camera stopped working.

Much love for Prapto and to all in the garden of life.

Torino, Italy

Offering by Franca Fubini

Drumming for Earth Healing


Kapuziner Monastery Garden, Münster, Germany

Offering by Claudine Merkel and Rudolf Berlekamp

For sharing environment day
A beautiful sight
A sea of marguerites and long grass in the Capuzin monastery garden
A sight of lightness delicate breathing in the garden
Feeling Prapto’s love, freedom, gentleness
Brought in here last year
Wonderful Spirit has grown in this cultivated garden
Sitting in this atmosphere
Under a roof,
Started drumming for earth healing
A huge rain started
A beautiful experience
Thank you

We All Belong – Biodiversity

I danced at home honoring and celebrating the plants in my home that have helped me feel connected and grounded in this time of loss, upheaval and transition.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Offering by Lily Kiara

All … in One Single Flow

Cévennes, France

Offering by Sylvie Gimmig

Water Waving Biodiversity in the Blue Planet

The water is the source of Biodiversity on the Earth. It gives shape, like a potter, to the different ecosystems: it makes grow the greenest and yellowest leaves in the tropical forests and the hardest and smallest thorn in the deserts.

Water, as if it were a spider´s web, weaves the relationships between all the living beings that populate the Blue Planet and unites them, beyond time and space, in the Great Cobweb of Life.

During the summer in the middle of the Mediterranean heat, we need to water our garden where many different trees have been planted for an Ethnobotanical Garden. We gave children the option to choose which tree to water, to embrace, and slowly it grew, becoming a big Web to embrace all the trees, all the children, all the Life.

Mas Jalech Garden, Barcelona, Spain 

Offering by Montse Marti Gasch and Fentevida Project

Photography: Marta Iraizoz

Mas Jalech, in the Barcelona area and close to Montseny Natural Park, is an 18th century Catalan house and ecological farm that cultivates vegetables for the local community. The house is the headquarters of the Fent Vida Foundation that runs various projects, like the Ethnobotanical Garden, to connect people to the land, to promote and create awareness about the powerful healing that Nature gives us.

Song for Life and Geckos

Wild Park, Brighton, UK

Offering by Una Nicholson, Sean Williams, Ollie and Vern

Watering Earth

A moment gazes

On water meadows

Back to ancient times

And the wind watering flowerings of seeds

Whose waves

Rolling on blue skied grass become water

In the breath of the wind

Water rush feet and grasshoppers

Story with irises and ferns

Water falls kiss on geraniums

Seeds on gold drinking earth

Oxford, UK

Offering by Helen Edwards and Rivers of Life Friends

Gardening – with all Beings

Biodiversity  –  so fragile in the face of human dissociation, carelessness, ignorance and greed. Now Covid waste is already littering the sea and endangering diverse lives. More masks than jellyfish in some parts of the Mediterranean. Waterlogged latex gloves, discarded hand sanitiser bottles. Why do they have to end up in the sea ? Pandemic panic seems to give us permission to disregard the ecology we share with the future and all species. So I move with sadness and a distaste for my own species. What can I do? In this moment. Move with care and creativity. Nurture all beings with every move. Welcome all into the garden – our garden – the world garden. Create a stone welcome – a stupa – for the lizards we sometimes see in the garden.

Kristina Bourdillon

How to give thanks? Nature still seems so full, so rich…

….and yet I know we live in an age of mass extinction.

Remembering the ghosts of fellow travellers, creatures from the forest of my childhood – lapwing, nightjar, water vole, hawk moth, stag-beetle, smooth snake, lizard and many more companions, gone or going…

Singing and moving in this forest now – shaping the grieving, celebrating the amazing richness and diversity of innumerable lives, mixing and moving – ‘making less the hopeless’…

Singing the Song of Ancestor – the Life Tree, inside and outside the body, breathing singing no separation, all speaking this place and the richness and diversity of life…upstream – downstream.

New Forest, Hampshire, UK

Offering by Keith Miller and Kristina Bourdillon

Gardening human

Lifting stone, be like stone.

Planting seeds,

Become seed soil roots leaves drinking sunlight.

Walking the river

Waiting for kingfisher,

Become kingfisher, waiting

Become dragonfly, darting touching leaf

Being watching being

Hearing water ripple over stones

Feeling air ripple

Tasting air breathing air


Keith Miller

Out of the Box

Box Wood/ Dance Notes

Earth stone

Solid, safe

Cotswold stone slab

Island hidden away

Stream trickles by

Cold fresh, fluid, feet, flowing

Contrast solidity liquidity

Time passes, water passes

Rocking quietly on my island rock

Life in minerals of stone

Life in qualities of water

Memories held in stone beneath me

Memories held in water passing me

Life force held in both

Hands and spirit moving

Sense form, sense flow

Water carries on

Never stopping

Life force moving

Drawn up into the beech trees

Stem cells like pipes deep within

Capillary action sucking upward

Higher, higher to branches, twigs

To the canopy of soft green leaves

My body follows the water trail

Oxygen and water silently exploding out

Microscopically moistening the air

Arms expanding, chest opening

Breathing in the Oxygen

Breathing out the carbon dioxide


Partnership in life

Up up stretching up to the clouds

Drop, droplets of water

Falling back to earth

Finding ways down through rock

Water table rises

Releasing to the stream

Trickling past the Cotswold stone slab

Trickling between my fingers

Dancing with the water

Cycle of life rolling round

The water in my cells has memory

Memories of stream trickling

Memories of tree trunks

Memories of lush leaves

Memories of sky fall

Memories of deep earth dark

Memories of spring water surge

Memories together.

Jo Hofman

Stroud, UK

Dance in a Nutshell



(Be not afear’d.  The isle is full of noises….)  – The Tempest Act III Scene II, Shakespeare

– ‘a poem is never finished only abandoned’  – Paul Valery 

Waiting in the car park. 

Alice is sounding gently  

leaning against a low wall. 

As I reach the ground, the tarmac melts,  

Down into the flavour of childhood 

Redolent of life at infant height, 

of small school playgrounds and public house 

car parks. Warmth and stickiness with a scattering of grit 

like hundreds and thousands, looking forward to those indentations on the

palms that tell us  

we have been marked as warriors. 

The slates atop the wall stand like dinosaur’s armature  

or stacked plates. 

The white lines are for balancing or instruction,  

the hieroglyphic Hall Users Only  

straining to give other meaning,  

to reveal secret passages in a maze of shapes. 

The cattle grid laid out like organ pipes,  

sounding each to find their tune,  

pulling on the wooden post  

to pump the air through . 

I see the wall across the road, so clean and patterned, and full of gaps, 

shouting we have space, we have space. 

Then others join, pilgrims, travellers. 

Rebecca rises from her draping on the wall,  


and we go down,  

down into the wood. 

After all the solidity of light and tarmac,  

of black and white and heavy lines, 

the atmosphere is green and light, and soft, 

like moving through dandelion seeds.   

The perfect sound of water falling in a brook  

is passed down further till we reach the delta. 

A block of concrete sits as a pedestal  

to an iron girder shaped like a Hook  

We are in Neverland. 

Dancers dissolve in and out of the trees like faerie sprites.  

And Jo, sitting, unbraiding the water as it rushes down. 

The stream is spread out, shallow, scarcely moving,  

but up above the air is like a sea of green,  

leaves waving at each other across the space,  

birds calling like ships across the night. 

Only the bass notes of earth and trunk and stone tethering all. 

The ringing of the bell is like a crashing on the rocks. 

So soon, so soon.  

I leave reluctantly, torn by a desire to stay and sense of duty to the form  

Following up, by layers to the surface.  

Simon Slidders 

Words and Body at the Chemistry Department

Bristol, UK

Offering by Judy Cole, Rachel Ballin, Jenni Mears

Pirr – A Light Gentle Wind

Pirr in Shetlandic means ‘a light gentle wind’. From Monday 1st to Thursday 4th June as a daily ritual I walked part of The Sandstone Trail, Cheshire, to honour this ancient place as well as to pay homage to all those who have ever trodden its paths, which span 55km. While walking, I gathered sand, flowers, petals and leaves that were strewn across the paths. These were to be offerings in honour of World Environment Day 2020.

Sandstone Trail at Frodsham, Cheshire, UK

Offering by Manny Emslie

Photography: Jonathan W Green

The two images capture me residing in two wooded areas, both of which reveal trees that have fallen and yet they live on, majestically, and are teeming with life forms. Breath mingles with air, which accompanied by a gentle wind enables the offerings of leaves and dust to disperse. On one image, sunlight bathes hands, skin and sand thus enhancing reverence to all that exists in that lived moment.

The Last Escape

Somerset, UK

Offering by Karolina Nieduza

Edges and Corners in the Garden

I spent all day working with corners and edges in my garden. I made a discovery. I started to see mess and untidiness as a fertile ground for loose ends that can be picked up, moved around, shaped and unshaped, like the activity of nature. My granddaughter made a bridge for wood lice in her garden. We both found an atmosphere of play that we had forgotten.

Mendips, UK

Offering by Penny Stirling

Being Gardened by the Garden

Westhay Farm, Charmouth, UK

Offering by Sandra Reeve

Looking at the Mountain: Listening, Reflecting, Remembering

Clodock, Herefordshire, UK

Offering by Stephen Hopkins and Isabel Moros

A Decade of Performing, Bowing and Praying

Starting in the morning and finishing almost in the gloaming, “From dawn till dusk”, the offering is drawn from these photographs and the things I did on the day.

1  Coming home :  it’s just a short walk from my house to the river.

2  The river helps me find my nature, sometimes deep and still, sometimes bubbling, restless and full of life. 

3  So gentle and playful in this dry season but a raging torrent when the winter rains fall on the mountains.

4 Can I accept all these different beings who make me who I am. May they be well and happy and free from fear. 

5  A wonderful, magical playground!

Abergavenny, Wales

Offering by Lynda Bransbury


Nick and I walked through the fields we have been allowing to regenerate into wildflower meadows for the last 11 years. We walked along the river bank where we have created a 20m wildlife corridor that has been left to regenerate, and into the coppice where we planted 250 trees. Regenerating the land takes time and very little intervention. Often it doesn’t look tidy or pretty to the human eye, but we are beginning to see some magical developments – hundreds of self-seeded oaks growing abundantly in the river corridor, numerous species of wild flowers appearing since the yellow rattle established itself, deer appearing and barn owls swooping the meadow in hunt at night. So many insects. The bluebell wood has re-established since the sheep have stopped grazing it. The photographs show the meadow, river corridor, coppice wood and the full moon rising over the mountain, the evening of the 5th June.

Rhydsaint, UK

Offering by Sarah Hyde and Nick Sales

Giving Back to the Grass

I Only Have to Remember

(Totnes, World Environment Day 2020)

I only have to remember the mallow & dandelion flowers

and their health benefits you first introduced to me

as a little girl, by the vegetable garden,

blessed by the kiss of the butterflies

in that stretch of land above the power plant,

near our home in Terni.

I would like to share with you now the smiles

and the expansive breaths

when crossing together the wet meadow,

buzzing with dancing bees

and corn flowers and poppies.

The melody of the sparrows’ songs,

the blackbirds serenading while hopping forward on the ground.

The call of swifts sweeping down the grassland

for a drop of water.

Dartington Estate, Devon, UK

Offering by Daniela Coronelli and Roy Whenary

That sense of safety, sky gazing

while lying on the grass amongst

the climbing ants, the ladybirds and the waving dances

of shining earth worms

I only have to remember the fragrance

of freshly grown tomatoes, the sweetness of the peas,

just picked from the plant.

All of this, mother, you have taught me

and now I would like to share it with you all.

Today that the world’s grasslands are decreasing

and the floods just keep on coming.

Now with so much carbon in the air and

food often genetically re-formed,

Corona has paused humanity’s

long-haul travel for a while.

Perhaps today it is a good day to start giving back to the grass,

to move with it, to hear its song,

to resonate its message,

adopt its values and immeasurable compassion

for all that it offers in the exchange.

Daniela Coronelli

Nature Open Nature Private

Cullever Steps and Beltor, Dartmoor, UK

Offering by Ihsan Dal Din

Honest to Great Mother

Dublin, Ireland

Offering by:

Honest to Great Mother – Frances Mezzetti

In the Dark Shadow – Barbara Meade Collins

Dancing with Diversity – Usha Mahenthiralingam

Microcosms while Walking

Walking a forestry track, a Sika spruce plantation. Whenever I walk there I notice the many tiny creatures and plants that make the forest track their home: ladybirds, daisies, lines of industrious ants. Walking and moving on the track. Noticing.

West Cork, Ireland

Offering by Claire Osborne

Collaboration in Sharing

We could not move at the same time on World Environment Day – so we decided to move in our own space/place – keeping in mind we are connected through our shared intention and practice. We each moved outdoors and afterwards we shared together how it was more possible and gave more meaning because we had the support of each other.

Our themes overlap but weren’t exactly the same ………

Ingeborg: Watering, honoring and supporting the wholeness of life.

Laura:  Moving and praying, receiving the embrace of the wind.

Pantarei: Dreaming and praying; may the heaven exist inside our soul, others and on earth. Water, wind and earth.


Dreaming for the Earth by Laura O Brien 

Watering the Earth by Ingeborg Menaribu Friedrich

Dreams and Prayers for the Earth by Pantarei Supriyati

Cork, Ireland – Italy – Bali, Indonesia

World Environment Day

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Offering by Juan Pereyra

World Environment Day

Ontario, Canada

Offering by Mala Sikka and Terry Hagan

Golden Rain – moving in the garden mountain with Guadalupe Virgin and Bugambilias

Such Golden Rain flowers
Hanging down so gracefully,

Such richness and play
In this environment – here and now.

Fullness of beauty and connectedness – breathing together – the earth is our witness ….

Would you let me touch your Delicateness?”

Tepoztlán, Mexico

Offering by Geo Legorreta

A Day in a small place in Hidalgo: Cleaning offering in an old Train Station

A Prayer for the Place I was Born

Hidalgo, Mexico

Offering by Yuliana Menes

A Cactus Facing the Ocean

Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Offering by Patricia Elizabeth Torres of The Hueitlahtolli Institute

Ceremonia para La Paz, La Armonía, el Amor y la Salud Mundial

2nd Gathering with ‘The Elders who know’


Narciso Navarro and members of the council.
Dalia y Juan Trejo Sandoval
“Vida Luna” Doña Elvira
Don Ruben Iwaki
Doña Dalia Trejo y Don Juan Mayans
Don Carlos Ogarrio y Don Jose Carlos Reyes
Doña Ale Lopez Llera y Don Marte Trejo
Doña Emi Quetzal y Don Asterio Cen Dzul
Doña Ma Jose Izquierdo y Don Javier Edo
Don Martin  Ribes

Sonora, Mexico – Peru – Spain

Offering by Carlos Ogarrio with Asociación Camino Blanco Bawari

The intention of the ceremony: to have a spiritual reflection and unify in one Light, the energy from the heart of knowledge and prayer from different wisdom traditions. With the potency of this union, to light the path of others, soothe the hearts of all beings, the ones gone and those of us remaining.

First requesting permission to the directions and protectors of the space and land, each guided by a different elder, with words and chants.

Next Carlos Ogarrio Perkins (M.P.E. Lic. In Physical Education and Sports, Teacher at Sonora University) gave a message from the Comcaac tradition of the Seri people in the Sonora desert: “Understanding without talking and thinking, slowing down to cultivate silence in order to reconnect. Being a spiritual leader requires much humbleness in order to help our brothers and sisters find their path. We are only an instrument of peace of the energy that has created the whole universe.”  He followed with a beautiful Seri chant for “Ameme” the sky – and asked us to use some hand gestures on the heart and the space.

Then, white candles were lit, first by members of the council, then the elders, then participants – in order to spread the intention and connect as one – followed by a short silent meditation.

For the closing remarks Carlos sang another Comcaac song about a happy deer grazing without any worries. He also deeply thanked his teachers Chaman Chapo Barnett and his father Miguel Barnett of the Seri Tribe, and Prapto Suryodarmo (who passed away at the end of 2019), of Java, Indonesia who founded the Amerta Movement and Web Art Garden circulation. Carlos finally emphasized how we are a global community — all of us working together from different places, bringing the message from our elders and joining our prayers for 5 June World Environment Day.

A Prayer

Los Angeles, California, USA

Offering by Marilin Martinez

Prayer for the Healing of all my Relations

Pachamama, Santa Madre Tierra, Mother Earth

We come here for the healing of all your children, beloved Mother

The stone people, the plant people, the two legged, the four legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred, and the winged ones, all our relations.

We are all here to teach our medicine to one another.

Condor Eagle, teach us to soar high and help us to see clearly with the eyes of the heart.

Sachamama, Great Mother Rainbow Serpent.

Teach us to shed the energies of the past that no longer serve us, the way you shed your skin.

Otorongo, Mother Sister Rainbow Jaguar, devour those energies which do not belong to us.

Teach us your ways beyond fear, beyond anger.

Teach us the way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Siwarkenti, Hummingbird.

Teach us to drink of the nectar of life, even in difficult and uncertain times.

Today, we pray that all peoples who walk upon you, Madre Tierra, from the Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, and White Nations, remember that we are all from one race, the human race. We are all connected. Let us see ourselves reflected in the eyes of the other and work to bring harmony, peace, respect, abundance, joy, and beauty to all.

Aho, Ashe, Amen. Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all Related).

Sun Dial – A Scene for Sharing

This spot was an Ohlone shellmound. I come here almost every week,

Sometimes just walking through

How to find a new landing, to reimagine on settled land

B r e a t h i n g   with place

Feeling my own composition, the language of a gesture 

As part of the scene

An evolution of context, creation

Contribution, connection

Sharing with all

Camera framing movement experience

From a garden sense

Earth and sky constellations

Berkeley, California, USA

Offering by Margit Galanter of Vivid Grove

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May be Calmer

Let’s look after our world together

Web Art Garden Facilitators

Helen Edwards and Keith Miller


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