Web Art Garden

The Founding of Web Art Garden

Web Art Garden, conceived in 1997 by Suprapto Suryodarmo, was created by the regional work of movement-based artists concerned with cultural, environmental and educational issues.

Web Art Garden supports events that are intended to encourage creative, movement-based expression and understanding of our own culture and ecology and facilitate healthy and confident collaboration between cultures.

Founding Statement of Web Art Garden

Excerpt from Web Art Garden – an idea by Suprapto Suryodarmo

“Garden is the right place as it already has the qualities of human, nature and Life, and can give space and time so that all the diversity of cultures in the world can speak without pressure by their creation as a being. East, West, South and North can meet in the circulation of the garden without pushing or pressurising each other to lead or to follow.

This meeting in the contemplation, freshness, joy and healing of the garden can make it easier for us to find the dialogue to support each other, in our modern and traditional cultures in their development, with the value of diversity in unity.

Garden has the quality of democracy; basically, all generations are comfortable in the garden. We can speak as who we are, without losing nature as a being and without losing our sense of religiosity. So, I wish that we can create Web Art Garden in this world.”

First published in 1997 for ACE: Art Culture Environment initiative for annual cultural events around the world on the 5th June World Environment Day. Facilitators Sandra Reeve and Suprapto Suryodarmo.


Web Art Garden provides an independent forum for ecological dialogue and exchange at a national and international level offers a way to share creative, movement-based activity in the environment.

World Environment Day

A United Nations Day and vital platform for action every year since 1974 encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

Creative involvement

Creative involvement may be through performance, dance, theatre, ritual, exhibition, singing, presentation, installation, poetry, writing, lecture, meditation and prayer, discussion, video, photography, film and other arts forms between individuals and groups, as well as organizations and institutions.

Let’s look after our world together

Web Art Garden Facilitators

Helen Edwards and Keith Miller


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